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‘Turning ingenuity into practice in everything we do.’ We believe in innovative ideas and concepts that translate into practical solutions for demanding applications.

About Us

We are an ISO 9001:2008 registered engineering solutions provider to the industrial, commercial and institutional markets. Our solutions and services span automation, machining, fabrication, construction, maintenance and engineering design. We design and build industrial equipment, specialized machinery, material handling systems and stainless steel equipment.

From prototypes to repeat order and integrated engineered / manufacturing systems, we deliver rapid turnkey solutions to demanding applications.


  • Engineering design to fit your need exactly!
  • CWB Certified – Fusion Welding, Metal Arc Welding
  • Load Testing and Non-Destructive Examinations
  • On-Site Technical Support and Field Measurements


  • Various heavy lifting devices and skids
    • Inline skid transfer system
  • Equipment and Waste Storage/Transportation Containers
  • High impact resistant structures
    • Encapsulation Room
  • Smart Platforms
    • Rapid Action Platform



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