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Towel Warming Cabinets

Operating Room Towel Warm Cabinets Stainless Construction Ornamental Design Built from Architectural Drawings Fabricated & Installed

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Product Dryer

Food Grade Standalone Heating Unit Independently Control Temperature & Air Velocity Food & Beverage Industry  

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Infrared Curing Oven

Engineered To Order Combination Infrared & Electrical Heating Automotive Industry

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Batch Curing Oven

The batch curing oven provides heat, humidity and peace of mind. The programmable functions prevent over-curing and ensure a consistent treatment across batches.

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Water Filtration Platforms

Design & Build Project Structural Platforms to be integrated with Process Piping Water Purification Industry Pre-Assembled In-House

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Rest Station Fold Up Chair

Stainless Construction Manufactured & Engineered In-House Wall Mountable 4” Fold Up Design to meet Fire Code Regulations Weight capacity: 600 lbs

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