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Lifting Beam Load Testing


  • Able to perform high-tonnage load testing at our facility
  • Pre and Post Load Test 3rd party NDE to inspect integrity of welds
  • Practical applications include lifting beams, lifting brackets, padeye, etc.

Structural Analysis & FEA


  • STAAD Pro and Inventor 2013 Professional simulates structural performance under specified load cases

3D Analysis


  • Inventor 2013 Professional provides functionality for advanced engineering design, finite element analysis (FEA), motion simulation and enhanced CAD productivity

Pre-Start Safety Review (PSR)

press before(before and after)press after

  • P.E.O. licensed Engineers authorized to perform PSR and submit recommendations to ensure conformance with Ministry of Labour Regulations for Industrial Establishments
  • Evaluations of Machine Guarding, Safety Circuitry, Maintenance and Operating Procedures
  • Recommendations to ensure documentation of due diligence

Machine Guarding


  • Modifications to machinery and equipment to provide optimal safety under normal operating conditions